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FirstLink Consulting handles all aspects of design and engineering for mid to large size embedded software and hardware design  projects so that you can breathe a little easier.

As system architects we are major project contributors as well as participating in design, implementation and component testing for projects ranging from BSP to device drivers, applications and user interfaces. 

Through broad and extensive experience, and our commitment to quality and detail in all aspects of your project, you’ll achieve levels of reliability and quality you’ll notice – in your project, product and bottom-line.


Embedded Platforms
Bare Metal
Consumer Products
Low Power
Medical Devices

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The FirstLink Team is distributed worldwide, coming together via technology to provide the well-matched skills your individual project requires.

Jean-Pierre Sainfeld, CEO

Well versed in all aspects of design and engineering principles, Jean-Pierre Sainfeld can be a major contributor to projects from mid to large size. Committed to quality and details he can participate in all aspects of projects as a system architect, as well as designing, implementing and testing components of mid-size to large projects ranging from BSP to device drivers, applications and User Interfaces.

Specialties: Embedded platforms ( ARM, MIPS, X86)
Linux, U-Boot
C, C++, Python, Tcl/tk
USB, Bluetooth
TCP/IP, PPP, Ethernet, PHY

[email protected]

Resume available on Linkedin.

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