The FirstLink Process



Initial Evaluation

Once we have agreed to meet an agenda will be created and invitations are sent to team members. A mutual evaluation process takes place — you will interview us and our team, and we interview you to learn about your projects and expectations. 

Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering gives both parties a level of confidence about the care that each party brings to the successful completion of the project. 

  1. We look at the overall project, goals and time frame.
  2. We craft a requirements document based on industry standards of the ANSI/IEEE Guide to Software Requirements STD 830-1984
  3. We strive to create a document with the following characteristics
  • Unambiguous
  • Complete
  • Verifiable
  • Consistent
  • Modifiable
  • Traceable
  • Usable during the Operation and Maintenance phases of the project.

(If you have an existing PRD, we use yours.)


A proposal document is developed detailing the context, scope and limits, and the detail of phases and milestones of the project, along with a standard consulting agreement.

(FirstLink Consulting carries full liability insurance and Surety bond for the protection of the client.)

Project Schedule

A complete project schedule is created and appropriate and proven project management tools are recommended, or your existing project management infrastructure is adopted.

Cost Analysis

Time-tracking and billing schedules are put in place.

We provide a weekly time keeping system of the activities relative to the project for each member of the team we are managing, along with a weekly report indicating the following:

  • Achievement during the past week 
  • Issues encountered and resolution plans
  • Plans of activity for the coming week.
Project Phases Planning

We enter each phase with a written review and acceptance of a set of design documents:

  • Hardware Architecture Document
  • Software Architecture Document
Team Building

Depending on the scope and complexity of the project and the required time frame for completion, additional experts may be brought on board either for the duration of the project or for specific phases. To keep costs low only the required support is added.


As part of the prototype development, we create a project specific development environment and assemble all the required software tools that we can virtualize at some stage of the project.

This allows us to deliver our development environment to the client as an artifact so the client has the exact tools and procedures used during the development of the project.

After acceptance, the prototype enters the production phase.


In this final phase of the project we deliver to client’s premises all the elements of the project:

  • All documentation
  • All Schematics
  • All Source Code
  • All Prototypes

We also ensure that client’s personnel has been trained to take the project forward, and put any necessary contracts in place for post-delivery consulting.


Do you work only with local businesses?

No, FirstLink Consulting Services works with clients and partners globally. We work remotely as needed and when it results in cost savings for our clients.

How does the Process work?

Details of the process is detailed in the section “Our Process” of this site.
The process, naturally, has to be adapted to the clients constraints.

Those constraints may be budgetary, time to market or a myriad of others impossible to determine without entering in preliminary investigations.

What will be the overall duration of the project?

Establishing a precise timeline is in general the result of a detailed analysis of the requirements and the proposed solutions to fulfill those requirements.

Our commitment to our client is to provide this information as early in the project as possible.

How much will the overall project cost?

The overall cost of a given project is difficult to determine with great precision.

It can however be carefully predicted by a detailed analysis of the complexity of the various phases of the project.

We can in certain cases bound the cost of various phases with a clause of “NOT TO EXCEED” a contractually agreed amount.

In this case when we reach this point in the project budget we will either revisit the estimate or deliver a more basic functionality. All this will be presented and discussed with our clients.

How do we get started?

After reviewing the process in 1-9 above, contact us to set up an initial conversation. 

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