Industries we Serve

FirstLink Consulting Services contributes expertise in many industries. Here are how some industries use embedded systems:


Our intimate knowledge of GPS technologies combined with our expertise in software architecture and development processes allowed us to provide a comprehensive solution up to the deployment of the integrated device in the AgTech field. more

Water Management

Our knowledge of sensor technologies, hardware and software expertise in the multiple required areas are key factors in applied technologies in issues of water management.  more

Consumer Electronics

Many of our successful projects have been in the general category of Consumer Electronic Devices. Here are a few of the projects FirstLink has participated in. more


The spread of this technology was initially slow to enter the mainstream due to limitations of processors and networks. Now, with the ever-increasing need for new IOT solutions to solve difficult problems, FirstLink Consulting’s services are in demand. more


One of the challenges, that many startups face, when it is time to bring ideas to practical implementation,  is the creation and management of the development  environment  - more

Medical Technologies

Digital Technologies have been part on the medical field for a very long time now. Miniaturization of devices have brought new possibility for diagnostics and treatment  of a myriad of conditions. - more

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