Water Management and Technologies

One of the multiple challenges of our time is the quantity and quality of the water supplies we depend on for many aspects of our lives. Water affects the entire economy.

The field of application of technologies for water management are so diverse that it is difficult to dress an exhaustive list.

  • Aquaculture
    • Environment Monitoring
      • Under Water Monitoring:
        • disolved oxygen
        • water temperature
        • salinity
        • chlorophyll
        • turbidity
        • colored dissolved matter
      • Surface Monitoring
        • wind sped direction and
        • barometric pressure
        • air temperature
        • relative humidity
      • Water Conservation
        • electric power generation
        • flood prevention
        • pollution control
        • data collection
        • onsite reuse
        • green infrastructure
        • big data
      • Water Quality
        • Analysis of physiochemical parameters to evaluate the drinking water quality
          • pH for acidity or alkalinity of the water.
          • Electrical Conductivity for idenfying presence of dissolved solids
          • Turbidity showing presence of particules
          • Heavy metal presence ( Cu, Zn, Mg, Fe, Cd, Pb, Cr, As, Hg, Sn)

Device Types

The type of devices to be developed in this field of studies is of sensor technology combined with data acquisition, collection and processing.

Sensors may be local or remote


Devices allow the monitoring and control of certain critical parameters related to the water quality and are a direct assistance to the end user for the management of their water resources.

How we help

Our knowledge of sensor technologies, hardware and software expertise in the multiple required areas are key factors in applied technologies in issues of water management. FirstLink is working on development of platforms for demonstrable prototypes

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