Project Management

Project management is often regarded as a constraining aspect of a project. Our approach makes Project Management the cornerstone of the successful completion of any project.

The tools and methodologies to assist the Project Manager are legions. We select those which provide the features we need in our Project Management tasks.

For most of our projects we need to manage the following items:

  • Tools and Material
  • Engineering Resources
  • Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Releases
  • Issues tracking

The teams we assemble for the duration of the project are usually fairly small, always less than ten people, but we bring a wealth of technical experience an talent:

  • Security Experts
  • Hardware Design Engineers
  • FPGA Experts
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • UX Experts

The following tools are our preferred ones:

Jira from Atlassian


If our customer has already put in place Project Management tools of their choosing, we will naturally adapt to their internal practices.

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